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Welcome to OZ Broadband Reviews. On this site you will find reviews of Australian Broadband Companies. Feel free to browse the site or add your own review. Adding a review will help other people choose a quality broadband company.

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Reviewed by: Hwaa9 on October 25, 2014
The plan costs about 1.5x the price of a full phone and broadband package with other companies. Would switch over in a heartbeat if we weren't renting temporarily. ..... [Read full review]

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Reviewed by: Chappe on October 24, 2014
"Dodo" - this could not be a more appropriate name for this joke of an ISP.Because that's what they are; a bunch of dodo's.

I signed up with Dodo upon moving in to a new house. For the first few weeks there was no drama. My speeds were well over 9mbps and did not experience a single drop-out. The Dodo was flying!

Fast forward to this week. The Dodo forgot it couldn't fly. Constant drop-outs and speeds below 3mbps. Being an online gamer I also noticed very bad pings and frequent ping spikes, making my gaming sessions highly frustrating. After calling Dodo and asking what could be causing this, they told me that I had too many devices connecting to my network. LOL!

Anyway, I told Dodo about my problem and they sent out a T ..... [Read full review]

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TPG logo

Reviewed by: Khatija123 on October 23, 2014
their customer service representatives think they are doing us a favor by setting our connection and they would not even let you talk just keep on talking on and on. If you are willing to take some s*** from someone then go ahead this connection is meant for you ..... [Read full review]

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