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Welcome to OZ Broadband Reviews. On this site you will find reviews of Australian Broadband Companies. Feel free to browse the site or add your own review. Adding a review will help other people choose a quality broadband company.

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Telstra Bigpond


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Reviewed by: Matoota on November 10, 2014
Let me start of by dying I have just left Telstra but not because it's bad I just wanted more data... I have been with Telstra on a two year contract I have had a very very good experience with the reliability of the Internet and the speed I rarely drop from 15 Mbps and if I do about a 1mbps drop Ping is great (I am a gamer) I am less than two km from the exchange but never the less the Internet service is great the setup up was quick and easy no issues at all the speeds that are relieved when your internet is slowed are a little too slow (about 11kbps) it is very irritating when you run out, the modem they gave was great no issues on wifi or Ethernet (using Ethernet over power) Telstra has made a mistake of sending me an extra modem but th ..... [Read full review]

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Reviewed by: Nehasilakar1 on November 3, 2014
When i talked to customer service department i thought connection is very good but when it came to the time of using it its a bullshit. When i come to home tired of work and need to do some important work then internet is always slow and needs to waste my valuable half an hour talking to technical members which is unbearable. It not only happens once a month but it is happening in every two or three days and it really makes me upset. ..... [Read full review]

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Reviewed by: Hwaa9 on October 25, 2014
The plan costs about 1.5x the price of a full phone and broadband package with other companies. Would switch over in a heartbeat if we weren't renting temporarily. ..... [Read full review]

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