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Welcome to OZ Broadband Reviews. On this site you will find reviews of Australian Broadband Companies. Feel free to browse the site or add your own review. Adding a review will help other people choose a quality broadband company.

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Reviewed by: Jennie bernate on April 26, 2015
I contacted the exetel company about two months ago to inquire about their 6 months internet contract deal for $80 a month. They asked for mine and my partner’s details and also a bank account details. The sales representative on the phone was very helpful. She told us that to avoid an absentee fee of $220 during the connection service (when the technician comes to our place) that we would need to be present at home. This will enable the technician and myself to work out if there are any problems with connections or if signals are present. She also assured me that I will be contacted before the technician plans to come to my place. The technician will then be able to come and check the connection outside the house and also physically ..... [Read full review]

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Reviewed by: Bradm on April 24, 2015
When I signed up I was tossing up between Dodo, Telstra and Optus. Boy should I have gone with one of the big boys instead of this retarded flappy bird. Sales lady said I would have the first 3 months free, it has been a month.. guess who just got a $265 bill for a $60/month package? That's right! Yours truly. My favourite part was the $240 connection fee on the invoice. I was there as it was "setup." The guy walked in the door at 8:30am and was out before 8:35am as the previous tenants already had internet setup and it literally just had to be turned on. I have a 24 month contract with these guys and to be honest 500kb/s MAX isn't going to cut it. I have emailed their customer service letting them know they need to fix the above ..... [Read full review]

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Reviewed by: Bookiwi on April 21, 2015
I have been with IINET 21 months now, have always had the best internet experience - but lately, its pathetically slow and Im not happy, takes hours to download 500mb which once took all of 20 to 30 mins, so Im changing ..... [Read full review]

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