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Welcome to OZ Broadband Reviews. On this site you will find reviews of Australian Broadband Companies. Feel free to browse the site or add your own review. Adding a review will help other people choose a quality broadband company.

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Reviewed by: John c on July 20, 2017
7 weeks later after fibre to home installation and at least 20 phone calls that take approx. 2hrs in total to explain the same thing over and over still no resolution, no call back with updates, no internet speed, my account was debited twice, plenty of empty promises, many emails with speed tests that they require to be able to escalate to "higher" technical support and on and on....
Well, in a few words "BE AWARE, STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS"!!!!!!!!!!!! ..... [Read full review]

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Aussie Broadband


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Reviewed by: Wildteck on July 19, 2017
All Australian company, support is in Australia. My internet is running like it should in a very short time Thank you Aussiebb.

Regards, David ..... [Read full review]

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Reviewed by: Nigs2111 on July 5, 2017
Dodo is the most horrible and pathetic service provider i have ever encountered. When i took my connection they offered me 3 months free and then sent a bill next month. After calling and arguing they waived of my bill and next month sent me a bill 3 times. Also they are responsible for connecting upto dcdb and from there to your house its upto you. That is horrible. How can you even say that? If i am buying a connection this means you have to connect my house with internet but nope. I paid 100$ to a private technician for connection. Everytime when i complaint they just beg me to give another chance. Finally gave up my connection and switched to tpg. They offered me 50-100mbps speed at 60$/month and connected my house with internet. I hate ..... [Read full review]

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